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Thread: La SanMarco?

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    La SanMarco?

    Looks like I'm in. I'm buying a small shop that has been sadly neglected. Great location, but run without any passion for the true meaning of coffee.

    The sole machine, that seems to handle the demand, is an 8 year old La SanMarco 2 group, 240 volt.

    Anybody have an opinion of SanMarco? There is no back-up, so if it goes down, my sales go with it.


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    They are good with regular maintenance.

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    I love them...have some one over look it and teach you how to do pm's on it and you should be good to go!
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    Re: La SanMarco?

    Quote Originally Posted by Habilus
    • sadly neglected
      8 year old
      There is no back-up, so if it goes down, my sales go with it.
    Is there anyone other than me that sees this as a disaster waiting to happen?

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    It is not uncommon for a shop to have a primary but no back-up espresso machine. If you are heavily dependent, make good friends with a qualified service tech/service company. Have them do your PMs so they get to know you and your machine so if something breaks you will be at the top of the list.

    You might also want to get a Sylvia as a back-up. Consider it like a space saver spare tire. It will keep you rolling, but not fast and not for very long.
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