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    Buying experience of Refurb machine

    Not so happy as you might imagine.
    First off the machine is filthy there is dried milk all in the frother and above it. Not just white stuff but yellowing goo.
    Thats disgusting.
    Then I realize that there is no power cord.
    The machine is labeled as being 2 years old. TWO YEARS OLD!!!
    You have got to be kidding me.
    Anyway it sure looks more used than it does refurbished.
    I would say nobody checked out this machine and if they did they should be ashamed of themselves.
    Well I called to get the power cord. And no sorry about that or we will send you a pound of coffee or nada.

    I have not even used the thing and I already dont like it.
    One thing for sure I wont be buying from them again and probably not ever buy a refurbished espresso maker again either.

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    Apparently a computer power cord works to power it on.
    Ran about a pound of coffee through it, experimenting with the adjustments. Its a super auto.
    Thought it would make espresso at least as good as my much cheaper combo machine but it does not.
    Called this morning to get an RMA#, but they never emailed my RMA# despite signing the two page return policy and sending it back to them.
    Funny they want it returned to them perfectly clean. I suspect the next person will get in the same shape I did.
    Next time I think about a refurb or a super auto, I will refer to this post then punish myself with the worst cup I can find.

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    Still no RMA number?
    Called a manager today and got one over the phone.
    Maybe they dont want me to meet the 15 day return policy.
    Who knows.
    Really, considering this buyers experience they should pay the return shipping.
    But, Im just happy to get rid of it.



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