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    LaPavoni boiler cleaning

    My LaPavoni Bar S3 has developed a problem with the quality of water in the boiler. Both the steam and heated water provided by the supply valve emit a distinctive rust color and emit a rather rancid odor, especially noticeable when steaming.

    The fresh water source is filtered and softened and has tested clear and clean.

    I suspect either milk contamination or scaling as the source of the problem. Any other ideas as to the cause? Any suggestions for cleaning the boiler?

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    Citric Acid. 2.2lb bag will do 5 gallons of water. Look around for the little 7oz packets. That should clean up your Pavoni.
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    You may also want to drain your boiler tank and if possible, flush it out and delime it.

    Another problem I have encountered is when someone leaves the steam wand soaking overnight in a glass of water. A siphon action can occur (especially if you turn the machine off at night) and the dirty water will be sucked up into the machine. You should Never leave a steam wand soaking in water.




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