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    Is this a case of misery loves company or what....

    Ok, I am INTO espresso, and after a number of years, 5-6, of making it with stovetop and with a Krups (which did make decent expresso), as of this week I own they dynamic duo, Silvia and Rocky. I KNOW it takes time, I understand all that, but, geezo, the taste sucks, the mess abounds, and Starbucks is closed.

    PLEASE tell me it gets wonderful SOON!

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    There are 4 things that make good espresso. Machine which you have. Water which should be nutral PH with low mineral content. Fresh coffee and the proper grind. With the machine up to temperature and the portafilter heated to the machine's temp. Next With basket in place, put 2 level scoops of espresso coffee into your double basket and then take your tamper, and press your coffee with a firm tamp (10 to 40 lbs. depending on the grind) then insert the portafilter into the brew head. Turn on the brew switch and with your cup underneath watch your first shot appear. Your are shooting for an extraction of 1 ½ to 2 oz.’s of espresso in between 20 and 25 seconds. If it takes longer than that you have either too much tamp pressure or your coffee is ground to fine. If it takes less time then your coffee is too course or you don’t have enough tamp pressure.
    If you are making steamed milk, you should always do this first as milk cools slower than espresso. Another topic.

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    industry standards have changed over the years...when I started in coffee it was 18-23 seconds for a shot of they are saying 25-30....I personally like my espresso around 28 seconds...and have a friend who likes at all depends on the flavor you are looking for and the blend of coffee you are using....
    "Wine is for aging, not coffee."
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    I'm trying.....

    Thanks for the replies and I will continue to post on this topic, if for no other reasons that to seek more help or to help others as they follow this (hopefully, soon-to-be) wonderful path.....I have pulled maybe 10 doubles, BUT, BIG MISTAKE, someone gave me a gift of 1@ of a "special roast" and I need to stick with what I've been using for now, as I am used to that "flavor", I'll keep working at it. I was torn between the doser and and -less Rocky, but I DO think the -less was a good choice. Stay tuned, I ended up a darn good trial lawyer, but I recall my early days of learning how to voir doir a jury panel over 30 years ago! That took time and patience as well!



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