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    Help! I don't understand this steamer design!

    This post has to do with frothing milk from a stove-top steamer.

    I purchased from eBay a sizable stovetop steamer (and espresso maker, although I have another one I use for espresso). It makes great steam, but I can't for the life of me figure out the three-hole design in the tip of the steam outlet! (click on thumbnail to enlarge pic)

    I was trained (years ago as a coffee-shop boy) to steam using a single-hole tip that pushes the milk into a whirlpool. The design of this three-tip contraption won't allow the milk (at least in my 20oz pitcher) to whirl. No matter how I try to introduce air in the mix, I get almost zero froth. It's not my inability to froth: if I use the espresso tip (single hole) on the machine (no espresso present), I got froth. Unfortunately, it's much too short to use effectively.

    Any clues? Has anyone seen this design before? Anyone know how to work it?


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    Every machine I have used(commercial) has had more than one hole...try tilting the frothing pticher so the wand is pointing twards the side of the pitcher...this will force the whirlpool action...hope that helps
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    looks like the same as the one on the Pavoni lever machines.
    It took me a while to getit right, and its a bit of an art. You need to have the tip at an angle 30 - 40 degrees. Plunge the tip all the way into the milk, then full steam, pull it to the top, until just below the surface, ideally you will get the steam to drag the surface of milk (and foam) into the milk.
    Like I say, it works just great, its just a bit of an art.


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    Working now!

    Thanks for the tips. The biggest difference came after upgrading my frothing pitcher from 20 to 32oz. I'm getting the froth now.



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