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    Home Espresso Machine

    “If i loved my Barista Athena any more, I would be sleeping with it.”

    “This is where the difference between this unit and the $79 discount store special is readily apparent. Because the Athena is PUMP DRIVEN (water is pushed through the grounds at a high pressure) a thick head of crema is produced.”

    “get ready for a ride to heaven along the coffee highway”

    “…would definitely recommend it to any coffee aficionado”

    -Tom Barber, Michigan City, Indiana

    “A must have for any coffee lover!”

    “It was more simple than I could've imagined”

    “I guess that is one of my favorite things about the machine, having control over how I make my drinks and being able to experiment with what I like best.”

    -Jennifer from Maryland

    “Rivals any I have had at any coffee establishment (including Starbuck's themselves)”

    “The machine pulls a perfect one or two ounce shot with rich crema on top.”

    “You'll never want to leave the house again.”

    Epioion user: jlobosco

    “We're saving approx. $20 a week in coffee alone”

    “The latte came out *perfect* ”

    “Clean-up was surprisingly easy”

    -Judi Sohn ... _latte.php

    These machines are very hard to find. I am selling mine here: ... 0025012173

    Hope to help,

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    Shameful plug for a mediocre machine.

    Please, anyone looking for very good espresso, don't be fooled. Research espresso and you'll find an excellent grinder and fresh roasted beans are at the top of the list of importance. For very good extraction a very good machine helps. Espresso that's deep in character and rich in crema requires an investment in research and equipment.
    Grinder: Macap M4 stepless, Zassenhaus kneemill
    Machine: Quickmill Vetrano, Olympia Cremina '67
    Brewers: Yama 5cup, ibrik, Bodum e Santos, french press, pour over drip
    Roaster: Hottop programmable



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