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    What grinder did I just buy?

    Hey again guys.

    I just bought what I though to be a Delonghi Burr Grinder with 16 grind settings and a whole bunch of other things. I cant find it on the internet ANYWHERE. The box says its a model of "DCG601".

    However, I did find a "CG600" Alpine burr grinder made by La Pavoni. It looks exactly the same except has 18 grind settings and the Delonghi has 16. The link for this is

    Can someone solve this mystery?

    AND is the grinder any good.

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    Closest I can find is the DCG 59 retro flat burr. 8 settings, I think. ... &s=kitchen

    Check out the consumer reviews on No Delonghi is well reviewed as an espresso grinder. For drip or extractions other than espresso it would be better than a whirly blade I would imagine.
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    nope, thats definitly not it mine is 16 settings. I'm quite happy with my grinder now anyways. But thanks.



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