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    Good grinder and drip machine on a budget

    Topic says it all. I''m thinking like $60 dollar range, cheap with no frills but does the job well, not just adequately.

    Any suggestions (home drip machines, bean grinders)?

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    If it's $60 each, then buy a solis Maestro for about $115, and use a Melitta pourover filter.

    If it's $60 total, then buy a good hand grinder for $60 on sale somewhere, and then use a Melitta pour over filter.
    John Piquet
    caffe d'bolla
    Salt Lake City, UT

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    Try coffee brewed in a French Press (bodum or other brands). Use a coarser grind (like for percolator), steep for 3 minutes, press the filter plunger down, enjoy. Avoid the one/two cup size brewer, buy a 5 or 8 cup size French press, they are easier to clean and make two cups perfectly, too.

    If you use a pour-over filter like John suggested, use a coarser grind than "melitta fine grind". For better tasting coffee, use a regular drip grind and 2 level tablespoons of coffee per cup.



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