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    Info Request -

    I am considering upgrading from a steam driven machine to a pump driven machine. I would love to have some input about the pros and cons and maybe the best products ...

    Thanks in advance for your input.

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    I'm actually a fan of the Starbucks Barista machine for home use - I'm not sure about everyone else

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    Bodum has a new home unit coming out in looks awsome...and they kept delaying their unveiling....might be something to check out...They will have it on display in Atlanta
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    lever machine?

    Have you thought of lever machines?
    I have had a Pavoni for a few years now, its a simple design with hardly anything to go wrong....just the seals (the heating element/thermostat haven't gone yet!).
    a full set of seals? about £12 ($20), and its as good as new!

    And IMHO....the machine looks cool!

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    Whatever you do, get a good grinder first.

    I have a Rancilio Silvia and a Rocky. Wonderful combo.



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