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    Your experienced advice desperately needed!

    First, let me say \"thank you\" in advance. I am new to the business, but experienced in my love for brew.
    My wife and I are entering the Mobile Coffee business, using a van. My question is what do we need for an espresso machine? I don''t want reliability problems, I have a Barista already online from sbux, I don''t want to go crazy with money. I have another business, so I don''t need income from this business immediately, but was wondering if I could spend less than $1,500.00 on the machine. Additionally, how much and what kind of grinder.
    I know that these are somewhat juvenile questions, but, I could really use some help here!

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    You'll be really hard pressed finding a big reliable machine with that price range. Maybe see if you can find a single or dual steam head Rio?
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    if the sbux barista is since sbux went super automatic, then Rio would not be the right choice. But yeah 1,500 is a tight budget for commercial grade espresso machine.
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    Your price range will not buy anything that you can count on
    i suggest you check with any local company in your area
    you need a machine that when it needs maintenance and repair somebody locally can take care of it for you

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    Would you not consider leasing for now. You'll then have the benefit of having a service contract and the best machines available. You can also write off the lease costs against taxes.....I'm pretty sure its the same worldwide.

    I did this for the first year before I decided and could afford what I wanted.

    Good Luck!!



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