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    Hey ALL,

    I need help! I live in miami beach and i recently moved here. In my NY house i had a big commercial espresso/coffee machine which i brought here. The seals all went and it broke, i had to send it to ny to be serviced. I NEED to buy a new machine in miami, where is a good place to buy and what am i looking for. I want a FULL machine but it is for a private residence it will only be used once a week. I already have the espresso maching grinder so i just need a machine. WHAT DO I WANT>>> It needs to be serviceable in miami also, i dont wanna ship machine for service.

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    hi jaredchassen


    a friend of mine has Toper roaster.ı guess a distributor in USA.but ı do not know where it is.

    if you prefer,contact with them and ask if they have any distributor in USA.

    My friend has been using roaster for five years and has no problem up to now.


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    Admin alert

    This post is questionable at best. It is in all caps and is misleading.



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