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    La Cara Questions

    We are the proud new parents of an old La Cara pull-style espresso machine. Unfortunately we can''t find any information about this model. It has, what appears to be, a water inlet on the side and some funny button right above it that doesn''t seem to be electrical.

    Can anyone help us find information on this brand and instructions for its use.

    Thanks All!

    Christy & Scott

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    Okay, I guess I'll have to post some pictures... Bust out the camera, find the PhotoBucket password, offload, upload and link, etc. etc.

    In the meantime, who's the resident guru on this subject? Are there better forums or another message board to be asking this question?

    Any lead would be appreciated!

    Scott & Christy

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    Hopefully you will not need parts
    they are almost impossible to find
    La Cara was a copy of La Pavoni lever machine made in Spain and imported by La Cara
    until La Pavoni stopped the copyright

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    Re: La Cara Questions

    I'm no guru....but....I just bought an old La Cara last week too for $100 and the guy who sold it to me told me about the two things on the top of the base and side of the machine you were asking about. You called it a button like thing and a bolt, i think. It seems according to this mysterious fellow that they are for setting up a direct waterline so you do not have to fill it through that opening in the top. One is water in and one is water out. I am planning to try to set mine up this way soon. He said he used one of those pull tab water spigot mouth diverters like water filters use. I asked him if you had to turn the water off when the side fill gage registered full and he said he never had to and that it must have a float that stops water from coming in. (or something)

    I have not done this yet so dont do it and say I told you to. Let me blow myself up first if you want to be sure or you can try it out before me so I know its safe I may try to brave a visit to Thomas Cara here in SF. He sounds like a grumpy old coot. He's like the master of all espresso knowledge so I would not expect it to be eazy.

    I worked at cafes all through high school and have suffered through under grad and grad school on espresso made by others. I have always wanted a pull machine for my place "some day". Now I have one. I just ordered a Zassenhaus grinder and then I need a tamper that fits. Do you know what size tamper these things use it looks like somewhere between a 46mm and 49mm...small.

    Us La Cara owners have to stick together. It seems like these machines a few and far between. I'm gonna take some pictures of mine. It's different than any i have seen online. It looks more 60's and has a rhomboid/paralellagram like base. I will try to pose pictures here some day.



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