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    Our Starbucks Barsita Aroma just died... Couple questions!!

    First we actually loved the 12 cup coffeemake and the thermal carafe. I hated coffee sitting and burning all morning.

    Well first we called SB and the unit is just out of the 3 year warranty. We paid $149 for this unit and they offered us the a gift card for the last selling price, $69... Anyone know why SB quit marketing/making their own coffeemakers? My bride is a huge SB fan and just is just crushed.

    Second, we''re looking at a replacement, and she found a Cuisinart Brew Central, 12 cups with a thermal carafe. Any comments on this unit??

    Thanks in advance!

    Jeff T

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    I just saw your posting. Did you buy a new coffee maker yet?

    I'm not familiar with the Cuisinart Brew Central, but I know Cuisinart makes good coffee makers.

    I have a Cuisinart Grind and Brew with a thermal carafe. It grinds the coffee beans right before making the coffee. It's the frestest and most flavorful way to make coffee. It heats the water to the correct temperature for making good coffee. Plus, the thermal carafe keeps the coffee hot for at least two hours... maybe it's even longer. We we usually drink it all by then.

    The prices have gone down on the Cuisinart Grind and Brew. Check the Internet, and you'll see the difference in prices. I've seen the same machine for less than $100 advertised in the Sunday Sears flier. I paid $199 a couple of years ago at Macys. I have no complaints about my coffee maker.




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