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    Espresso...volume and time


    So as my previous post says, I just purchased a baby gaggia twin...

    my last post was a little panicked and unclear....Now that i have done some research i have calmed down a little and now understand that its going to take a little time to learn how to do it properly.

    Just some starting questions....

    1. What is the standard single shot and double shot size (in oz or ml)
    1. What should the ideal brew cycle time be for a single and double shot?

    If I can get these 2 questions answered then I can figure out my perfect grind size

    Thanks alot

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    Try working with one size basket for now. Double basket is easier to work with than single basket. So I'd go with double basket. Try 20 - 30 seconds extracting 30ml single or 60ml double (give or take 10%). Taste and adjust to your liking.
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    10 thing i dont understand is how the brew cycle time is the same for a single or double? as you are getting double the amount of water, wouldnt you need it to be a longer brew cycle?

    Sorry jst a newbie here....dont worry I have booked in to take a class but its not for about a week... I want my coffee noww!!!

    Thanks heaps



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