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    Shot Times & Standards **Please Read Before Posting**

    So many people have been asking the same question without searching the forum. Since the Wiki is also unutilized its now time for a Sticky.

    We can and will add more to this Sticky in time.

    Espresso 101

    For Traditional Equipment.
    Standard shot times range between 20 - 30 seconds.

    Standard Shot Sizes:
    Single - 1 ounce - 30 milliliters
    Double - 2 ounces - 60 milliliters
    Triple - 3 ounces - 90 milliliters

    Shot sizes can fluctuate as per individual user or coffeehouse. Sizes can fluctuate as much as .25 - .75 ounces.

    For Commercial Super Automatic Equipment.
    Standard shot times range between 15 - 30 seconds.

    Standards Shot Sizes:
    Same as Traditional Equipment

    Will add milk settings, drink types and amounts later. At this time this thread is locked. Please post a new thread if you would like to add to the Sticky.
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