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    Help with Technivorm KBT 741

    So I have had the Technivorm for about a month now and still am not happy with the strength and flavor of the coffeee I am (poorly) brewing.

    Started out with 2 lbs of Inteligentsia coffee and starting at and then going beyond the 2 tbs per 6 oz water, trying many grinds from fine to medium (I have a Krups GVX2-14 grinder), gold and paper filters, full drip and restricted drip on the filter holder, letting water build up in the filter before opening the flow and most combos of all of that, I still am not getting good strong coffee.

    It looks to me like the first of the brew to flow out is dark to about what I would expect to be strong coffee, but by the end its looking more translucent than I would hope.
    I had been using a Cuisinart DCC-120 and was hoping to improve on it with the Technivorm.

    Any one have any tips or recommendations?


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    Instead of measuring with spoon, weight out your beans first. Using a ratio of 3.75oz per half gallon of water, most likely you won't brew that much, so you need to do some math to figure out the right weight for your Technivorm. You should also make sure your water temperature is about 200F. Tchnivorm should give you that temp, but test it just in case. You should also have your water test for hardness and ph balance. If you have bad water, the best Intellie beans will still taste bad. You can use bottle water (not distilled water) that is ph balanced and has tds (Total Dissolved Solids) of 100 -200 ppm (parts per million). I think some bottle waters have those information but not all. Lastly, you can play with your grinder, after other variables are set.
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    Temperature is right on- measured right in the grounds- 200 degrees.
    Got a small scale and some bottled water.
    Will give weighing the beans before grinding and non tap water a try.




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