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    Espresso Machine Leases

    I'm opening a creperie and would love to lease or "borrow" an espresso machine from Lavazza, Illy, or any other high quality coffee company. I would prefer not to pay for the machine in exchange for exclusively purchasing their coffee. Does anyone know how to go about doing this? Thanks!

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    Re: Espresso Machine Leases

    What you are looking for is a lease of product. A lot of companies provide leases of this nature to offices. Simply buy the product and they throw in the coffee brewer and anything else required to brew coffee.

    Espresso machines are slightly more complicated as they can require quite a bit more maintenance and have a much higher chance of failure. Most places that I've seen that sell product and give away the equipment charge a pretty hefty price.

    With that said places performing actions like this are looking at a pay off between 1.5 to 3 years out. So if they lease you a machine for $5000, and have a 1.5 year pay off your looking at a monthly payment around $300 a month. This would also include the cost of the coffee.

    If your planning on being open for summer months this isn't a bad idea. Otherwise in less then 2 years your machine is paid for and you've already started paying for a new one. This is why most in the industry tell people its better to buy your own equipment up front. This way you'll see the payoff that much quicker. This also allows you to switch coffee vendors on the fly and not have to worry about loosing your equipment.
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