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    Moka noob brewing technique question..


    I bought a Bialetti Moka Express a few years ago, used it for a bit but was never quite happy with my results so I put it away. I recently got it out again, washed it out and replaced the rubber gasket and tried brewing a couple pots of coffee. My results are still bad... it comes out really bitter and the coffee isn't black, its brown because of all the sediment floating around in it.

    I use Illy. I fill the basket, no tamping. I use an electric stove on medium heat which makes it come out slowly.. maybe too slowly? It takes a while for it to boil and make a cup on that setting.

    I would appreciate any suggestions on how to properly use this Moka Express. My friend in Switzerland made such awesome coffee with it, I would like to do the same. Is the grind too fine? I thought you were supposed to use espresso grinds with it. I am thinking about trying to set the heat higher, maybe the water goes through faster it wont be so bitter?



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    Re: Moka noob brewing technique question..

    Well I've never used any type of Moka pot, but can give a bit of advice. First, get a decent grinder and fresh beans. NOT ILLY. I'm sure Illy beans are quite good as soon as they are roasted, but once packaged or preground/packaged and shipped that freshness is gone quite quickly. Also, I'd say based on what I've read moka style pots require a grind slightly coarser than the typical espresso grind particle size with no tamping of course. Later!
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