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    Need advise for Turkish coffee machine

    hello, I can't make turkish coffee in traditional way, I think I need a machine. It isn't easy to find such a machine but last night I found one on ebay. But I haven't any idea about this think. Have you ever tried a turkish coffe maker before, is it realy work and what do you think about it's price. This seller sells also cheaper models, I need an advise before making a decision. Thanks. ... ec0Q2em322

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    Re: Need advise for Turkish coffee machine

    I say skip those things and get a real pot designed for Turkish coffee... the old standby ibrik... Later! ... 602_263622
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    Re: Need advise for Turkish coffee machine

    You know, I say why not... Its not a huge cost item and may be fun to play around with.
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    Re: Need advise for Turkish coffee machine

    You could try asking Mahir. He's very helpful with all things relating to Turkish coffee.
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