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    Noob is sick of bad coffee

    So I have had enough terrible coffee and want to buy a really good coffee maker, well two actually. One for me and one for when I have friends over.
    After a bit of research I am looking at a chemex coffee maker or a hario coffee maker(unless someone tells me otherwise) for my daily morning brew and for when I have friends over a royal coffee maker(official or knock of as yet undecided). For daily use I am aiming for ease of use and cleaning and above all taste.

    Any help would be great thanks.

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    Technivorm for drip
    Espro is going to be coming out with a larger Espro Press which is my favorite brewing device (second only to my espresso machine0>

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    2 of the same?

    Assuming you are suggesting 2 of the same machines, may I ask why?

    I feel like I am missing something.

    I am not expert, but my opinion is that if you wish to have better coffee, start with better beans and learn a consistent process. From there you can develop your knowledge and technique.

    Nothing wrong with having an average drip machine for daily use. Get a french press for better coffees. The key would be to have a good grinder. Stay away from the cheap blade types.

    Grind the beans and brew right away. This makes the best coffee. The water you use also effects your brew.

    You may later wish to consider an espresso machine and even a vac pot for special brewing.

    Start with good beans and a good grinder.

    Best of luck.
    Everyday, make steps to be the greatness you see in yourself.



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