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    A lot of sediment in espresso after cleaning a La Pavoni espresso machine


    My La Pavoni, semi-automatic espresso machine would no longer push any water through the ground espresso, so I took the coffee handle portion of the machine apart to clean it. Now water pumps through, but there is a lot of fine sediment in the espresso. Does anyone have any idea what I broke?


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    You probably have a pressurized portafilter and maybe didn't get it back together 100%. Find a schematic diagram of your portafilter to make sure all is well.
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    Make sure there is no water in the area where the container plugs into the unit on the expresso side. If there is water the water container cannot seal properly and the unit acts as if it ran out of water. If that is not the issue then you likely have a leak in the seal/valve itself and the unit would have to be opened to tighten the screws holding the seal/valve in place.



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