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    Question Grinding a full pound at home. Which grinder?

    Hi all,

    I am a newly addicted toddy person, and I would like to find a grinder that can quickly grind a full pound, ideally in one go. I did buy a Baratza Preciso today, but am unhappy with the amount of mess (mostly from static) and the meager 5oz grounds container. I realize that there may be no home machine that can do what I want, and I'm willing to pay for a commercial grade grinder if there is one that can do this. Is it insane to get a Bunn G1? Are there any other options? Any gentle advice appreciated!


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    **My former answer made no sense in the context of the OP**
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    Nothing wrong buying a shop grinder, used of course... Craigslist would save shipping, they are heavy and bulky. Grindmasters go for less than bunns, the burr sets are different crushing vs cutting. I bought a Taiwan shop grinder and it can grind 1lb in a minute, which works if your a home roaster. Mine has the crushing style burrs, can't comment on the taste difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John P View Post
    You should only grind prior to brewing. The notion that anyone who thought enough to buy a Preciso would do otherwise is baffling.

    Coffee begins to release aromatic oils and gasses into the atmosphere the moment it is ground. Every second that the aromatics/flavors are going into the air, they are not going into your cup. Use your awesome grinder as it is intended, one brew at a time.

    It's not "Which grinder...?" The question is "Should you?" The answer would be, "No."

    You did read that I'm using a Toddy? I would be baffled if you aren't familiar with the process, but just in case, here is a url:

    I know it's the opposite end of the spectrum from pulling fresh shots, but it serves a purpose for me. The entire ground pound goes immediately into the Toddy for cold brewing. That's why I want to grind the entire pound at once, at home. So there is minimum delay after grinding. Do you perhaps have any suggestions as to a grinder that can effectively do this?
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