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    Hey, I'm looking for a home espresso setup.

    This is my first time posting here so I'm not sure if this is the right place to post.

    Now, I'm looking to buy an espresso machine and grinder for home. I drink macciato's mostly so a steam wand is necessary and I'd like something pretty good in terms of consistency. I don't know anything about buying machines or how to measure how good one is despite the fact that I've been making espresso for a while (we make it at a diner not coffee house).
    I don't want to spend over 1,000 for both the machine and grinder but the cheaper the better. Any recommendations? I can't post links yet but I'm looking at la pavoni lever machines. Can someone explain to me what makes one better or more expensive?

    As far as grinders I think I just want something with many size options but no other features (I don't know if there are other features) just something to ensure I get a good size grain for my head.


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    Lever machines are cool as all get out. If the La Pavoni models were just a tad cheaper I'd really think about purchasing one. Espresso wise I have had better shots on pump driven machines then on a lever but you can say you truly made your shot when you knock one out on that toy. I'm a fan of the Silvia. Bought one for my mother in law for mothers day several years ago. She still uses it religiously. If your luck you can purchase a complete setup for a little under $1000.

    Here's a great place to start your research for a machine. Rancilio Espresso Machines/Coffee Grinders with limited 2 year warranty -
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