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    Problem with Keurig Platinum Plus

    I've read many online reviews for this model and have seen many people with issues related to the power either going off or on by itself, both when not in use and when brewing. However, in all the reviews I've read I cannot find anyone with a similar issue to mine. I've had my first machine replaced by Keurig (EXCELLENT customer service) and now exactly one week into the new machine, I'm having the same issue. Wondering if anyone else out there has seen something similar. According to Keurig, they have not seen this problem before.

    During normal operation in the "brewing" cycle, after the coffee is dispensed, the message on screen changes to "not ready" and you can hear the pump kick in and water moves into the internal reservoir, once that is complete the message returns to "ready". Occasionally, my machine dispensed the coffee and got stuck. The message stays in "brewing" and it just sits there, the noise it is making during brewing continues (sounds normal), although the correct amount of water has already gone through. I can manually turn the power off and back on and it will sit at "not ready" briefly, then move into "ready" with no pumping of water from the external reservoir. When the next cup is brewed, at the initial intake of water as the brew cycle begins, it will pump more water than normal, but typically brews just fine.

    I ignored it the first time chalking it up to a fluke, the machine had only been in service about 3 weeks. After a handful of occurrences during the fourth week of use, I decided to call about an exchange. The vendor I bought it from couldn't help me and directed me to Keurig. As I said, Customer Service was wonderful, they shipped me a new machine which I received 2 days later. They sent a prepaid return shipping label and I boxed mine up and sent it back to them. Now here I am, one week of using the new machine and I was saddened this morning when the same exact thing happened.

    Any ideas? User error? (If so, what I could possibly be doing wrong.) Seems odd that I can't find anyone on the internet with this problem, Keurig says they've never heard this issue, and yet 2 machines perform the same for me.

    Thanks for any input!

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    I've studied a fair amount of Keurig reviews myself, and I don't recall reading about a problem manifesting exactly like yours either.

    What I've come away with is that it seems the Keurigs with larger water reservoirs sometimes have trouble determining if there is enough water available for brewing. Some hypothesize that air bubbles build up in the tubing and make the water level difficult for the sensors to read. Since your brewer can't seem to decide whether or not it is ready to brew, maybe something similar is happening.

    Some find that if they slammed down the reservoir rather forcefully when putting it in place, bubbles dissipated and they could brew successfully. Not a good solution in my opinion - Keurig should get it right. But when you need a cup of coffee, you need a cup of coffee - that I can understand.

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    Keurig B60 WR problems.
    My 1st Keurig was a XMAS present in 2011. In early Jan. I started brewing in it for myself as I am the only coffee drinker here at home. It worked fine for about 3 wks then started having problems pulling water from the reservoir on left side into the heater. The pump would run dry for about 1 min. then shut down the machine. I took off the plastic reservoir, emptied it & shook it around, slammed it and the machine then tried again. It worked a few times then failed solid again. Called Keurig Customer Svc & did what they suggested but to no avail. It would not brew at all. After complaining again, they sent me a new unit (a little cheaper looking - this is a $150 unit). This would be machine no. 2. I started it per instructions & it ran for a couple of weeks then failed solid with a screen message 'Prime'. Called Keurig, did what they suggested but it would not work. They sent me a replacement (no. 3 machine). Today, again, it failed with screen error message 'Prime'. I called customer svc again, did what they suggested and it still not work. It's stuck on 'Prime' and it will not pull in water to heat and will not dispense coffee. They are sending me machine no. 4 and I've only been using Keurig since mid-January. If this one fails, I've got to talk with someone higher in the company than a customer service person. Each time I called, I asked to buy/trade up to a more reliable unit but was turned down as they have no such company policy.

    Has anyone had as much bad luck or experience as this with a Keurig?

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    I am having similar issues with my Platinum Plus brewer. The first machine I had was a Christmas gift in 2010. Four months later, I starting having the problem that NuffSaid described. I called Customer Service and walked through all of the troubleshooting steps with them and after arguing for a while that the machine had an internal problem, they finally agreed to send me a new machine. Yesterday, that machine stopped working. Instead of filling the internal reservoir and then dispensing the water, it immediately dispenses a surge of water and then stops. It's making sounds as if it's trying to transfer more water, but nothing happens. It gets stuck on "brewing" for about 5 minutes or until I unplug the machine. Furthermore, the exterior reservoir is getting hot water pushed back into it. Unfortunately, I'm now about 6 weeks past the 1-year warranty for the replacement machine so Keurig will not send me another one.

    I absolutely love my machine and I have friends who have never had any problem with the one they've used regularly for over 2 years. I want to replace my machine, but I'm a little worried I'll have issues again. I'd like to hear from more people who haven't had any trouble before I go spend another $190 on a new brewer.

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    I have the same problems



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