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    designing all-in-one roaster/grinder/espresso/coffee machine

    Hey guys,

    My name's Nick, I'm studying Industrial Engineering, and currently designing a "green bean to brew" all in one coffee machine potentially for my senior project. I was wondering if I could get some feedback on the idea. Also, my team and I have a "kickstarter" page, where people post ideas and people can help fund the project to help us start production! Please check it out and let me know what you think.

    RoboRoast by Luke Iseman — Kickstarter

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    Roasted beans reach their optimal state after approx 36 hours. So this "green bean to brew" machine should preferably take 36.1 (approx) hours from pushing the button to receiving your drink. I'm not sure I would stand there for that long
    That's probably why these machines don't already exist.
    Nonetheless as an exercise in engineering, it sounds very interesting and I really don't want to rain on your parade.
    There are a large number of home-design roaster enthusiasts to be found at HomeRoasters dot Org They give very good guidance as to where to find various components you would be using in the roasting process.

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    Don't let anyone dissuade you.
    It's a totally impractical idea, loaded with innescapeable compromise and built in resistence to sales.
    If you think about all those issues, you'll never even try to build your machine.
    Put on your blinders and forge ahead.
    Have fun.

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    Cuisinart made one in the late 80's it had an electric roaster, grinder and brewer all in one unit. Home roasting in the 80's...who would have thunk it. But as stated above coffee needs to degas for at least 24 hours before it is consumed.
    "Wine is for aging, not coffee."
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    Would a hopper of some sort help solve the 24-36 hour thing? After the first roast, it would be about timing and knowing how much coffee one (family) might consume daily! Nothing is impossible.....practical, now that's another issue. Keep up the great effort.

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    Sounds good but will it open a beer bottle and scratch your back the same time?
    As a project you will have your hands full, keep us posted and good luck.



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