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    Elektra Modern Maxi Series - 2 Group Semi Automatic Espresso Machine

    I'm opening a new coffee shop and am looking for equipment - quality but lowest price possible. I like the Elektra brand and found a Maxi Series 2 group machine on for a very reduced price. It is a 2007 model, from overstock, brand new, still in box. Should I be leery? Price is below $3000. I like Elektra look and lever operation. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, I tend to favor the semi-automatic because I like the idea of turning the shot on and off myself. Should I avoid automatic machines for this reason, even if they have an semi-automatic function? Seems kind of silly to have an automatic machine but to never use that feature, i.e. to make it a semi-automatic.

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    1st Line is a reputable company, so no problems there IMO. That machine looks to be a good solid workhorse and coming from Elektra it should serve you well.

    An "automatic" machine simply implies volumetric dosing is utilized and can be programmed to control shot volume, etc. Every automatic I've seen has a manual override so you can control it yourself. The only downfall to an auto would be more complicated electronics due to the flowmeters, higher number of control panel buttons, etc.

    Have no idea what "levers" you're talking about on the Elektra unless it's the steam/hot water toggle valves. I prefer toggle or lever valves for steaming as it offers more precise control and quicker reaction times.
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