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    Hello "Freddie_Mercury",

    Welcome to the Coffee Forums website!

    Thanks for sharing your Moka-Pot experience with us. I appreciate your helpful suggestions.
    I've only been using mine for a few weeks, and I'm enjoying experimenting with it. My son will be visiting me on Mother's Day, and I can't wait to show it off!


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    Hi Freddie - I'm also happy to see another Moka Pot user on the forum - and, I'm guessing a Queen fan?

    If we sponsor another free givaway for the Top Moka pots, I hope you are around to participate. It would be great to hear how it compares to your other pots.

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    In my opinion, we should use fine ground coffee for espresso machine but with a stovetop or moka pot, we use coarser coffee (but finer than coffee for drip machine). Moka pots have only 0.5 bar pressure so they can't give us true espresso, but their convenience and stylish design are suitable for domestic use. In fact, I love my 6-cup Bialetti stovetop and make coffee by its every morning for my family
    Coffee should be black as Hell, strong as Death, and sweet as Love...

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    I've used 2 and 4 cup moka pots and absolutely love the ease of use, cleaning and the coffee. I used to buy preground espresso in vacuum-sealed bag or can: Illy, Nestle, Lavazza, etc. I also used to have the heat on too high, which eventually melted one of the rubber gaskets. Yep, I did that. Eventually I learned while staying in Italy how they use a moka pot, slowly over low heat, no tamping - but never thought to have a coarser grind than the fine espresso grind. I used a locally roasted Sidamo coffee with a medium fine grind and pretty much died of happiness. The best Moka Pot experience of my life.


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