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    Faulty Krups xp2070, and UK spares suppliers ?

    Hello all,
    Compared to the majority of u guys, what i know about coffee, i could write on the back of a stamp,
    but i've just got my hands on a coffee machine, completely free, only thing is, it doesn't work ! (i knew that before i picked it up, but i'm usually quite good at fixing things, so i guess i've lost nothing by attempting to fix it).
    On first view, it looks impressive, but after reading many reviews via Amazon etc, i have my doubts as to whether or not its worth the expense and hassle of repairing it,
    it's a Krups xp2070,
    when it's plugged in, it shows absolutely no signs of life at all,
    no lights, no sounds, "On" button does nothing,
    i've changed the plug fuse and that makes no difference.

    From what i've googled and read, it could be a faulty "Thermal fuse" , or "Power module"
    Another problem would be finding a store which stocks these parts, i've looked at the Krups website, and they seem to only stock basic none mechanical/electrical parts like a spare carafe or cleaning solutions etc.

    Have any of u had experience in repairing coffee machines and could advise me further ?

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    With the machine UNPLUGGED I'd open the housing to see if any wires may have worked loose. Never know how simple some things can be.
    I'm a legend among my own kind... you my friend are just a legend in your own mind. Later!



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