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    First of all I never punked out Starbucks...if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be making the money I do now! Second of all...Where I am located we have about 5 super autos...compared to the 20 we started with...only 5 work now(they cost about 18 grand each)...In the coffee shop though we have two 2 group machines...If you want we can set up a challange(taste and speed) our Baristas against starbux pbtc(person behind the counter) Im sorry I do not mean to come off like a richard...but I personally do not think that fully autos can produce as high quality as a manual!
    "Wine is for aging, not coffee."
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    Manual is only better if you know how to use it.

    I never said that a fully auto tasted as good as a manual when used correclty, I said they keep us in business. As for the competition ... I don't think my manager would go for that.


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