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    Need Roaster and Bean Advice


    I own a seasonal bakery with a well established and loyal client base.
    I have been infatuated with the idea of roasting our own beans. I thought it would wear off in the past month but it has not.

    We serve a morning brew, sumatra, decaf and some flavored blends of Wicked Joes. It is fantastic coffee for our purposes.
    Our customers are not bean snobs - they just want a GOOD FRESH CUP.

    That coffee does however seem to be back ordered too often now, and that is a problem for us.

    We brew ~230 pounds of coffee mostly in July and August. 90% of that is Regular or Jamacian Me Crazy - a Cream/Vanillla/Kahlua type creation.

    I could probably sell another 200-300 pounds wholesale or off season or to other retailers in the area (if I wanted to).

    Should I go for the "Nesco" 1/3 pound roaster for $170 and just suck it up for a year and see how it goes?
    Or should I go more for the SonoFresco 1lb for $2,000 plus $400 installation and make the roaster a "focal point" of our retail area.

    Lastly, where could I get 200-400 pounds of decent beans and the flavorings at a reasonable price? I have been searching, but I am afraid to jump into business with just anyone.

    Thank you in advance!
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    I saw a lot of views but no advice... so I did some research and I am on my way. So far so good.

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    You can email me if you would like with specific questions and I can try and point you in the right direction. Where are you located? The Jamaican me crazy flavor is produced by Flavor dynamic. Welcome to Flavor Dynamics, Inc.
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    Topher, thank you I will message you, I appreciate the help!

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    Please share your experience here or you can email me and let me know how it went.

    I am very interested in knowing but I don't know if the sonofresco is good enough to accommodate your size of business.

    If you want to make the move, i would jump into much better roaster with more control....

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    I agree with CoffeeJunky.



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