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    Best Brewing Technique?

    I was having a discussion about the Chemex with a barista when another chimed in saying it was a horrid way to brew coffee. Uneven extraction, too much show and not enough taste, etc. Talk soon turned to the V60 being the bane of all evil in comparison as I sat there quietly sipping my press pot produced coffee in shame. Little to my surprise, the internet has an argument going on concerning what is a good way to brew vs. what is not. Perhaps this has been established, but I have yet to find the definitive Eureka moment, even with the new technology and standards out there today. So simply put:

    Does anyone have any evidence, be it a refractometer or series of cuppings, proving one way dominates all? I'm interested in hearing about it if you've done some research.

    Having asked that, I realize different brews yield different results with the same coffee. Sometimes I enjoy a gritty French Press with one coffee while others I would never dare put near it. Call me crazy but I'm a fan of if it tastes good and the customer smiles, you've done your job. What I am curious to know is, beyond the argument, is there conclusive proof of a brewer winner?
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    This probably isn't the answer you are looking for.....

    I have done many different brewing method and I always find myself coming back to the most simple way of brewing coffee.
    I have few different coffee machines to different coffee press.. You name it, I am sure I have done it but my favorite way to brew coffee is french press.... Simple, easy and can't mess up when you are sleep walking in the morning... I had this discussion with many different baritas in different country and they all have their preferences but I think it all comes down to how they like their coffee rather then one method of brewing is better then another...

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    I've never seen any conclusive proof of a brewing winner.

    There have been many polls regarding which brew method people prefer, and most of them end up with different favorites or "winners."

    As you've already discovered, people have all sorts of preferences and opinions. Successfully using a French Press and Chemex take a bit of practice, and when someone doesn't do it right, the coffee is horrible. People who don't like to fuss with their coffee usually complain about those methods in particular.

    Good luck with your quest to find the brewing winner. Let us know what you discover.




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