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    Help! In charge of a coffee company and have NO background in business! :)

    I'm new to this forum and to the coffee business and am seeking advice specifically regarding import brokers and shipping costs. I work for a nonprofit organization (UrbanPromise International) in New Jersey and through a partnership with an Honduran coffee farmer, we've created a small coffee company (PromiseBeans) whose proceeds go toward the furthering and support of our programs. The beans are pre-roasted and for the past 6 months, we've just been bringing the coffee back whenever we've gone to visit the farm. We're looking to expand and import more quarterly, but our budget is small. I've done a little research and to use BDP or similar import brokerage services, the quoted cost was around $1300.00, making the opportunity for profit minimal, since our customer base is relatively small. Are there other options for importing other than the use of DHL or BDP?
    I have no business background, so any advice and/or words of wisdom would be SO appreciated.
    Thank you!

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    There are several people who have imported the beans from South American on this board. They told me it would be much cheaper to DHL for the smaller amount.(less then full container full) I am sure they will see this post soon or I will email him as well.... Good luck



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