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    Brew - espresso ratio in the US??

    Another question sorry
    this is a question I wasn't able to get answers for from websites etc i even sent 3 emails to different stores, none have answered me back :-/

    could I get some info from coffee shop owners on how much of there sales is brewed coffee to how many are espresso based coffees and whether location plays any part.. Just a rough %

    I've been going to my roaster twice a week to learn drip and brewed coffe, seems easy enough but Im finding it hard to drink lol too use to short blacks or creamy lattes.. Getting there thou..


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    It depends on the season... I would say about half and half during normal winterdays and I get much more Espresso base drink sale during holidays... We also push those more during holidays. In summertime, much more espresso base cold drinks.... so about 2/3 to 1/3 during summer time...

    Well, that is the beauty of coffee.... If you are using espresso beans to brew your coffee, it would be kinda dark, bold, and some what bitter depends on the blend.... that is the reason most of us like lighter roast to medium roast.... much more flavorful and also you can tell the differences on beans... more interesting to drink....

    I hope this helps...



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