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Thread: Bitter Barista

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    Bitter Barista

    I was wondering everyone's opinion on this whole Bitter barista debacle. Personally I find humor in what he wrote...we have all thought many of the things he posted. His downfall was not staying anonymous. He didn't try to keep it under raps. Sprudge found out who he was with one google search. I read another article were Matt stood by the coffee shops decision to fire him....if anything I am sure this will help his rap career. Thoughts?

    Bitter Barista - Thoughts from behind the counter (and other reasons why I hate you).
    Our Take On The Bitter Barista Fallout
    Some Of The Hate Mail We've Received Since Publishing Our Bitter Barista Story [NSFW]
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    I found a whole lot of humor (and truth) in what he wrote! It's a shame he didn't do anything to stay anonymous, since he obviously wanted people to know who he is. Now that it's come back to bite him, maybe the stir it's all caused will help his book sales.

    I'm sure it will be a very interesting read.




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