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    Live Roast: Good idea ?


    I was wondering, how come barely any speciality coffee houses offer the service of a live roast coffee. Somethings thats made to the specifications of the consumer, if front of them and especially for them ?

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    I guess they would have to master the skills of using a home-size roaster, because most customers only buy one or two pounds at a time. I can't imagine anyone having someone available to roast coffee beans all day long.

    But, I have to admit it would be pretty cool to be able to stand there and watch my coffee bean order being roasted (if I had the time to hang around to wait for it to be roasted and cooled down)


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    I'll do it for customers if they come in for something I don't have roasted up. It takes a few minutes to heat up the roaster, 15 minutes to roast and 2-3 minutes to cool down.



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