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    Friends, I need your help. I need to write an essay on The Crucible. I found very interesting thoughts and important literature that I have not read before on this site Аrthur Miller’s famous play “The Crucible” which takes place during the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 is arguably the most forceful allegory of Senator Joseph McCarthy’s “Red Scare” in the 1950s. The story begins with a group of young girls as they escape to the woods to perform a pagan ritual outlawed by their strict Puritanical religious society. To avoid blame, they claimed to have seen the Devil, and that other members of society serve Him by practicing witchcraft. The town is terrified of their claims and not until many accused witches chose to hang rather than confess did the hysteria cease.
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    Hello. I agree with PinkRose, but I also agree with the previous post. I am a K5 teacher, and I also have two children. At the moment, I not only use the services of this website, but I also want to provide distance learning services, as I believe that I have a good approach to children, students, and even graduates. I learn a lot about myself and my children and share my knowledge with others. Very comfortably.


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