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    Hey folks, Mark here.

    I'm pretty new to this (at first sight) excellent discussion platform and I'm loving my coffee and interesting things/news about it. So I recognized something I really needed to share with you coffee-addicts:

    Two weeks ago I was on vacation in Berlin and when I walked around for sightseeing and saw a coffee-shop, I thought it would be just an average store where you could buy different kinds of coffee, maybe drink some...but after I went in I was pretty surprised. It was not only a store with "some" coffee, rather than a very cool location for drinking and buying pretty first class quality coffee.
    The employees were very kind and tried to answer all of my questions about their company...there was just a small problem: I'm not very good in german language and they had some troubles with my specific english..nontheless I had a very good time in there and spent more than I even thought I would when first seeing that shop.

    But the most interesting part was that the company does not only run this kind of stores, but their main product is a Coffee-Bike. Yes, a bike that runs coffee! As far as I understood that bike is self-sufficient and does not need any connections for water or electricity. I tried to get as much information as possible, but as I told you before there was that little language barrier.
    I asked them where I could find some of those bikes and they told me that at that time there were none in Berlin itself..they gave me an internet adress where I could get some more information about that company that calls itself Coffee-Bike GmbH. There is a google map linked on their website where you can see all of their bikes and stores and they are primarily represented in Germany, but have some international expansions like in Kuwait. If you'ld like to visit them yourself, here you go:

    So, the discussion I wanted to kick off is about that bike in general. I would really like to know what brand it's manual lever espresso machine is and how you think that whole thing proves itself in action. The only thing I found about that espresso machine is that it is imported from Italy...

    What do you think about such a bike in London? Do you think it would pay off? What do I need to be aware of when possibly starting with such a bike?

    Thanks for yor oppinions!
    (not sure if i posted this in the right section)

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    I just wanted to start such a business

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    Many people have never seen a coffee tricycle that serves coffee straight from the cart. And also in the modern world, people often drink coffee 3 times a day. Here are the tips you must do to make your coffee business successful:
    1) Attract new customers
    Sometimes coffee businesses, both new and old, struggle to find new customers.
    2) Great price for new and old enterprises
    With a tricycle, coffee is easy to pocket for new business owners just starting out.
    3) Quality transportation. I sincerely and strongly recommend you try this website because the bikes are really high quality and you will not worry that your business will decline due to some kind of breakdown on the bike.



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