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    Hi can someone with mobile van please help

    I'm looking at setting up coffee van and have found 3.5 kW 2 group espresso machine... However it appears to be electric. Can I use a generator and or inverter to power these both without making too much noise and it costing too much. Obviously I'd prefer gas but these machines are expensive and with grinder and fridge etc maybe it's better to use electric all round. Can someone give me options on best way to power this machine? I'm looking at buying today so any info is appreciated. Thanks

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    Hello Poppy,

    Welcome to the Coffee Forums website.

    You said you're looking to buy the coffee van today. You didn't give us much time to reply to your question.

    Activity on the Coffee Forums generally slows down on weekends. Hopefully someone will respond to your message soon.

    We have had discussions regarding using generators for mobile coffee vans. You may find some helpful information if you use the Search feature at the top right corner of your screen. Just typing in the word generator brings up a lot of past posts. It will take some exploring, but you may find something useful.

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    There are some machines that can be run either on gas or electric. Obviously there are some conversion issues that you have to take care of and you can't just go back and forth between power sources. If you end up going with an electric there are generators that can be used to power all of the equipment without the sound being overpowering. You can do some sound proofing if you enclose the generator and where you put the generator will make a lot of difference for your customers when it comes to sound level.
    Good luck with the decision making process.



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