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    Question 1# Canvas (Burlap) Bags (Decorative)

    I am looking to sell 1# green (12 - 13 ounces roasted) to my friends and family for the holidays and am looking for canvas/burlap bags that I can put the coffee bag into (sealed bag inside of the canvas bag) similar to what you would get green beans in. The canvas bags are for presentation only. Does anyone have any that they can suggest? I don't know what size to get to hold this. Any suggestions would help! The following gives you an idea of what I'm looking for.

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    You can find all sorts of sizes here:

    Burlap Gift Bags & Totes the best selection of burlap gift bags and a great selection of burlap linens

    The 6x10 inch size would probably work without being too big. There are other sizes to choose from.



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