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    I need help with my very high volume donut, coffee, and ice cream combo store

    Does anyone own a very high volume donut, coffee, and Ice Cream combo store?
    I mean 2 million plus in sales in one location. Serving over 4000 customers a day in peak time.
    I need to talk to the manager or the owner of the location.
    Please let me know. I am in desperate need of help.

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    What do you need? I roast for a chain of bagel stores. They are serving less than 4000 a day. They are hitting about 1100 customers but the check average is about $9. Hit me up if you think I can help.
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    I live in N Canton , Ohio
    I am not the person to answer but I would sure like a few tips on how to make my on-line store successful. If you have the time I would really appreciate your feedback as obviously you know your stuff.
    Thanks so much in advance as I really look forward to hearing from you.



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