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    Advise Needed: Brewing Equipment For Demos at Coffee Festival

    Hi - I need to purchase brewing equipment for demos. I had previously purchased a used Bunn airpot brewer but it wasn't heating correctly (luckily was able to return it). What do you all use? I think most of the time I would brew and take the full airpots to demo, and not the brewer. However, for a coffee festival this fall I'd like to bring it along and be able to have hot water from the tap as well. I already purchased a flojet and 5gallon filtered bottles. Thanks!
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    We have several members on this Coffee Forum who have had experience with this. I'm not sure where the discussion threads are, and I don't have time to do a search right now.

    Hopefully someone will read your question and give you an answer soon.


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    What I have done is to use a hot water tower and do pour overs. This makes people stop and gives you a couple of minutes to sell yourself and your coffee to people waiting. Not to mention that it can really highlight your coffee in a way that tastes better than most people are used to.



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