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    High-quality Swiss roaster?

    Does anyone have leads for an exceptional roaster in the Geneva-Lausanne-Bern regions in Switzerland?

    We are opening a community cafe in the Swiss Alps. Our main ambition is to serve the best espresso in our valley. The caveat is that it should be sourced ethically or sustainably. In other words, the direct-trade and/or shade-grown and/or organic variety. And with travel distance also a criteria, I don't think I'll be importing from the UK, read: finding a local roaster.

    Yes, asking this is opening a can of worms - as many forum members have called this "brand" of beans. Disclaimer: I don't believe there can be such as thing as a perfectly "fair" trade, and don't believe that certification assures that I get the quality I'm looking for.

    Scenario 2: I'm also open to simply getting a Swiss-roasted high-quality bean and making a donation to a good coffee charity at the end of the year.

    Any help or advice is appreciated.

    In solidarity,



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