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    Help with Air Drying machine

    Hi guys.

    First post. I am looking into starting a small instant coffee company. Something like the generic tins of instant you find on super market shelves. But flavored versions. Something not very common in Africa.

    I have been looking into having a production plant make the final product for me to save on costs. But I need to work out the recipes for the different flavors.
    To do this I need to make some test batches at home until I find what I am after.

    To be able to make the test batches I need an Air Drying machine. I can't afford a big industrial one. So I am trying to build one at home. I get the general principal of it. And I have an idea on what it takes. But I am not an engineer and cant figure out how to draw up some plans to build one.

    Has anybody here made a home version of an Air Dryer. And are you willing to share your plans.

    Secondly, are there any pages you could link me to or a direction you could point me in, I am wanting to get a general idea on how to actually do this. I know the steps. But I don't know what sort of guide line I should work in for the first few batches.

    I will be buying test product by the KG. And working on small batches. How many grams of instant granules would a KG of roasted beans make.

    Thank you for any help or guidance.

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    Even Im in the same situation.



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