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    Pennsylvania requirements

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum. I've been roasting coffee in small batches for the last year from my home and selling it to friends and family. Over the last few months, I've gotten very busy and have taken on outside clients. I recently purchased a brand new shed with vinyl siding specifically for my business. I plan on roasting in there. I'm also in the process of restoring a Serro Scotty to take to events to sell coffee from.

    I know that these questions get asked often but I really need help in being directed in the correct direction. I'm using a 5lb electric roaster. Where do I start first in making this all official? I want to take this on as my primary business, so I'd like it all to be official so that I'm not in danger of loss. I'm located in Lower Burrell, PA which is Westmoreland County. If someone could let me know what permits/licenses I need (I currently have none), whether I should make my business an LLC or if staying sole proprietor is acceptable, and whatever health permits I'll need for my location. Also any advice what I'll need inside my roasting shed and trailer to make it all up and up. I'm assuming hand washing for both but other than that, I'm unaware. I've been searching and searching online but find so many different answers that it's overwhelming. Thank you in advance!

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    You need to contact your local inspectors for accurate info. Building and health and possibly the fire dept. every state and town seems to be different especially here in MA. Your neighbors might not like the smell of coffee and smoke so zoning becomes an issue
    Good Luck
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