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    Looking Arabic Coffee Buyers!!!

    Hi good morning! I am from Costa Rica. My father is a coffee grower for more than 50 years.T he farm or coffee plantations are over the mountain ridge in Grecia, Alajuela, Costa Rica, sits at around 1,500 metres above sea level and benefits from rich volcanic soil and a perfect, natural climate for coffee farming. We are working with some different types of coffee: sarchimor, L9, venecia and caturra and a little kenya. Honestly, we are looking best options to sell our coffee because the quality of our coffee in this place are excellent. Our problem is because a lot of persons are participating in the process to sell our coffee, for this reason we are looking best options for us.

    Maybe some other user can explain me the process to try to export coffee.

    Thank you for your time.

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    hello Mario.
    just a word of advise about this coffee forum.
    you won't be able to find any customers from this forum. Until now, I have not seen nor heard from any types buyer of any kind from this forum. So, please do not waste your time.

    secondly, you already texted me what is involved to export your coffee to USA or any other countries. I already advised you what kind of information that I (or any person in this forum who might be able to help you) need in order to give you further advise correctly.

    1. how much of coffee do you produce?
    2. do you mix and process all the varietals at the same time? or do you grow them in separate lots and sell them separately and process them separately?
    3. have you had an expert evaluated your coffee? what is the rating and flavor profile?
    4. do you have any special micro lots with SCAA 87 and up points? if so, how much available, and what varietals?
    5. when is your harvest season starts and finish?
    6. your farm size ? how many hetares?
    7. do you do your own dry milling?
    8. how did you export or sell your coffee before? just into Costa Rica local sales? or to other local exporters?
    9. do you do natural or honey process? or just wet process?

    Third, if you are tying to look for customers in overseas, it is better for you to do some "green coffee importer/buyer" research via google and contact them directly. You will have more success than this forum. However, in that case, you must be prepared to send out samples (200 grams minimum) to your potential buyers to overseas.

    thanks and good luck to you.



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