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    Quality assurance in a coffee Industry. What's behind it?

    I grew up with a dad who was a coffee expert and I want to follow his steps. By the way, he already passed away. But, I'm interested in entering the coffee industry. The thing is, I've never asked him, how did they manufacture coffee with a quality assurance and safety? What exactly was the system they implemented in compliance with creating value for consumers. How did they guarantee food safety? Anything to share about it? I'll be happy to hear your ideas.
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    Check out the FDA... there is all kinds of information on proper food safety. Search for FSMA .... Food Safety Modernization Act

    Also a decent magazine..

    Home - Food Safety Magazine

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    Yeah, everything you need is there in FDA and FMSA. Check them out.

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    Following any business law is the safest and FDA compliance is a must if you deal with food and beverage business industry. You can talk with a business lawyer, mine at tl brown law and lawyer can help protect and deal with your business' legalities.

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    Thanks! Already checked with FDA and I must say that the requirements is really a lot. Well, after all, we are engage in the food industry. I have been busy completing the requirements and hopefully I will be able to complete everything just in time.

    Anyway, another question, what are the software that I need to manage my business? I know that it is a new and small business so I am not very sure if it will be practical to get a software such as food safety management or even a document control system software to take care of documentation per se.



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