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    Need advise on calculating demand, number of drinks from a Hospital coffee cart

    I need a little advice from experienced cart owners. I am thinking about opening an espresso cart in my local hospital. I am strictly in the "dose the math work phase". My question is: How many espresso drinks will I sell during the day. Assume they are average quality espresso drinks. open from 6am to 4pm, 300 employees and 200 visitors daily.

    Initially I thought I'd sell 200 drinks. but when I did the math per hour, that seemed like a lot of drinks. The nurses shift change is at 7am and 7pm, doctors come in when ever

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    Hello Artinion,

    Where are the hospital employees and visitors getting their coffee now? Do they go to a cafeteria or vending machines, or do they bring it in from the outside?

    Will you be selling regular coffee in addition to the espresso drinks?

    Once you figure out where they are getting their coffee now, you'll need to sit there for a day and count the coffee related activity.

    You'll also need to count foot traffic at the location where you plan to set up your coffee cart. (Outside the front entrance? In the lobby? Where?)

    How do you know there are 300 employees and 200 visitors each day? Does it change on weekends? Will they all pass by your location?

    Hopefully some of our members, who operate coffee carts, will be able to help you figure it out. In the meantime, you need to do some counting.


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    The Hospital Has 180 bed and 800 employees total, not per day shift. All floor waiting areas have free instant pore coffee and the cafeteria sells Starbucks brew coffee for a little less than $2. The coffee is plentiful and easy to get. I want to sell espresso milk based drinks. I heard that a bistro next to the cafeteria that sells espresso drinks at a 380 bed hospital makes @500 espresso drinks a day. While their location is better than what I expect to get, I'm still hopeful of making 200 drinks a day. I was hoping that anyone with experience in the hospital industry would give me some simple number on expected drinks sold to hospital staff. the location is next to the day surgery sign in area and the expecting mothers waiting area. I really am at the beginning phase of learning about the industry. I am not in the coffee field, I'm in the medical field. I just don't want to spend the next few months learning and planing only to learn that I need stop my planing.

    I really do appreciate any info on the numbers.



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