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    What are the best ways to promote/ pitch a coffee brand from overseas to coffee shops

    Hi all,

    i am a distributor for an established specialty coffee brand from Overseas but I am new in the industry. I am wondering for all the coffee shop owners or there, what is the best way to contact or let you try my coffee? I am happy to give out samples of course and build a personal relationship . Should I search for their emails online and just reach out to them? I would like to drop off samples at all the coffee shops but I worry that the owner isn't there and I don't know if leaving samples of my contact info will be effective enough. Thank you so much in advance! I am new and just need some direction to get started.

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    you can send emails to each coffee shops, hopefully to owners or buyers.
    and when they accept your samples, then, you can send the samples out to them (make it sure to get the tracking numbers, so you will know when the samples are arrived).

    then, by email or phone call, follow up from there.



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