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    Starting a new coffee import business

    Hi all,

    I am planning to start importing green coffee beens from Central Africa (Cameroon). My goal is to sale it distributor as soon as it gets here.
    Any idea on where to start, possible distributors, paper work etc...

    All contribution will be greatly appreciated.



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    If you are in USA you can start going at CoffeeExpo in Seattle (April 19-22) 2018. There will be a lot of coffee producers attending, inclunding us. I think you will find some coffee producers from Africa also.

    Have you been working in the coffee business before? Any doubts let me know.

    Informations:Registration Information ? Specialty Coffee Expo

    Pedro Dutra

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    Thanks for the feedback Pedro,
    I am in Canada. My experience in coffee is limited as farming. I will probably plan to go at the coffeeexpo for next year. Now I have production capacity of about 300 tons a year. I have the capacity of increase my volume by buying from other producers, but I want to secure a purchaser before engaging in large volume. I will appreciate if you can give me some insight



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    Well, starting a business is not as easy as you think, and you have to dedicate yourself to it if you want to achieve success. I have a similar business, and I can tell you one thing, don’t order anything before you find a customer and sign a contract with him. You can lose a lot of money if you are not careful. Furthermore, better find some good marketing specialists that can help you with promoting your business, because you are not the only one who import coffee beans. Actually, I had the entire list of companies my ex-husband worked with some years ago,( he also import coffee beans from Africa). He got it from a company that is working with databases all over the world. Check it out, maybe you’ll find something interesting.
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    I'm sure you can do it. I recently scaled up my coffee business and opened a couple of coffee shops in Montenegro. I did not have any difficulties with registering this business because I immediately contacted the company which provided me with assistance not only in registering a company, but also in opening a bank account. In addition, this service is constantly moderating and helping in matters of finance in the future.
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    You have to check for every legal paper needed. One paper that was forgotten, can ruin everything. I have some friends that have helped me with the paperwork and one of them recommend me to use a Sinking Fund and it was really good. I've finally managed to open my shop in the middle of the old town square, and people are very satisfied with the coffee that I am making. I am so happy that I've started this business and that everything runs so smoothly now
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