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    Establishing Coffee Processing Factory - Plant in Egypt

    Dear Members,

    I am very happy that I found this great forum, as I am planning to open a coffee-processing factory here in Egypt.

    We are planning to open a small one at the beginning:

    • Machines:
      • Roaster 30 Kilo Toper TX-30 with computer ($22k)
      • Destoner ($6500)
      • Grinder Toper Stone Miller TD-50 ($6200) FOR TURKISH
      • Local made Stone Miller (Stone 14) ($1500) FOR ESPRESOO

    Current Factory Dimension
    200 m2 X 4.5 m

    We are planning to process espresso based on Wet Djimmah coffee from Ethiopia.
    Also we are planning to process Turkish Coffee based on Indonesian + Colombian Blend.

    I would like to know:
    Do we need to buy the following :
    1) Destoner
    2) Moisture and Density Checker
    3) Weighting Machine
    4) Roasting Level Checker
    5) Silos
    Or any other machines ?

    Also is the factory dimensions fine ( 200 m2 X 4.5 m ) ?

    Do you recommend me anything ?

    Thanks very much.

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    That is a good idea. I recommend that you should focus on the quality after having lot of customers



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